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Best sky runner ever

Famous Hayden Hawks, great American athlete loves the idea of Turnia. He is one of the first to collect the data for us and create Personal Turnia Award. It was an honor to cut his track of CCC 2017 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc … not surprisingly he was a winner!

What’s Turnia?

Marble? Bronze?
or … Turnia

Turnia Award is designed as a highly personalized award for athletes. Its shape is generated by the data collected by the individual during the sport performance. We take advantage of the extreme popularity of tracking apps. Data is collected by almost everyone who do sport activities.

Without any interference or control, without any manipulation – Turnia is shaped by ambition and personal effort of the athlete.

Our claim: data becomes material for a sculpture just like marble, bronze, wood – means that Turnia award is directly 3d visualization of athletes’ effort and performance recorded by the app.

How it works?

Our technology, your performance

Process of production is easy and fast. 1. Tcx files with the training are easily exported from majority of the popular apps. 2. Algorithm generates path from .tcx files 3. Shape is cut with a laser in semitransparent material: acrylic glass. 4. All layers of Turnia represent different variables of training: speed, altitude, heartbeat, etc. Multiple layers are combined in one object – Turnia medal. Turnia is the first in the world medal shaped by athlete himself. This is an 3d object that mirrors achievements.

Turnia for you

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To get to know little bit more about the Turnia Medal please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions and truthfully excited to cut medals that you, your team and friends shape while your everyday heavy training. You will Have your personalized Award and we will have fun watching the new, extraordinary object.

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